Tricia Hughes – CEO – Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

Welcome to a LONG FORM interview! So excited. It’s been ages since I posted one of these and this one was pretty cool. Tricia Hughes, CEO of Massage and Myotherapy Australia (AAMT) took the time to sit down with me and have a chat about all things to do with where the massage landscape in Australia has been and where it is heading.

Last year, I interviewed Tricia basically straight off stage at the (then) AAMT nation conference. (listen int to episode 20 to hear more) There were so many big announcements made there that it was hard to keep everything straight and at the time it was a bright but unclear path of how Massage and Myotherapy Aust would be bringing about their certification program for massage therapists.

In the wake post conference, there was a great deal of tussling online about HOW this certification was going to work, if it was in fact a good thing for therapists and how it would be administered. While many of the nuts and bolts of this certification are still in beta, and without a full roll out its hard to say if the program will work. Tricia brings alot of cliarty around the why and how of the program and how therapists can get involved. A little under a year on, the board of Massage and Myotherapy Australia have pushed through the noise to help bring about a way to support massage therapist gain the recognition with in the healthcare sector that is currently lacking. There has been overwhelming support for the program from all sides of government and relevant agencies.

We also speak about the upcoming National Conference – you can book online HERE

and if you’re keen on looking at all of the government submissions that Massage and Myotherapy Australia have been involved in click HERE