Minisode Monday 03 – Collaboration is KING!

Welcome to Minisode Monday!

Thanks for joining me for this episode, today it’s just me, chatting about what I’ve been up to and how collaboration is helping me build my business while helping OTHERS to build theirs.  I think that this is an often overlooked opportunity that many therapist miss. The opportunity to work with OTHER MASSAGE THERAPISTS, our peers, our colleagues.

If you’re like me you’re a solo practitioner spending WAAAAY too much time alone in a room with half naked people. There are times when we simply believe our own hype and buy into the fear around other practitioners trying to “steal our clients” or the simple fear that they are “better than us”. I’m here to tell you that its just s story, that you’ve bought into about yourself, and others. Trust me, I know the fear, I’ve lived the fear, and it literally got me no where.

Then I got over myself, I remembered that I wasnt the BEST at this massage thing, I was just the right person at the right time for the client and that if I died tomorrow, while Im sure everyone would be sad, they would move on and find someone else to give them a massage. (secretly I’d hope that they would fondly remember me as their favorite massage therapist) and when I gave up that fear, when I stopped I realised that all the other therpaists were not my competition, not because I was better, but because we were all awesome.

THis is how I came around on collaborating. This is how I started this show. This is when I realised that my network was greater than I realised and that I had an opportunity to HELP more people that I ever imagined and you know what, that is part of the reason that my business is growing.

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