Mini Biz Rant 1 – Cancellation Policy

Welcome to my very first mini business rant. 

As part of the Rubbed the Wrong Way podcast I really wanted to let all my listeners know that I am literally JUST LIKE YOU! I am a real massage therapist who is facing the issue of running my own biz and balancing family and all the other things in life. So I’ve done up a short show, all about my cancellation policy.

I’ve been a practitioner in the massage biz for half of my life and Cancellation policies are the HARDEST thing to enforce. One of the personal development tasks I have been working on is to really fully value my time. I have generally been very laid back about this kind of thing but yesterday I felt like I was being walked over like a door mat. I fully believe that clients treat us how we allow them to and by setting a healthy boundary with a policy and procedure I and taking care of my self and my business.

I know that setting these kinds of policies with clients is hard and complex, because we feel like we shouldn’t be “in it for the money” but money is just a value exchange, and if we don’t value our time, we will stand to lose out more than we gain.

So here’s what I’m doing.

  1. CancelationPolicy (1)I have a poster that I created on to reflect my new policy. It looks something like the pic, but the wording is a bit vanilla for my business and rapport that I have built with my clients. That said, if you’re a newbie this is a great policy to leverage from.  You can get the PDF of my ACTUAL policy by clicking HERE.
  2. From TODAY I will be getting all my existing clients and newbies to sign the policy form – so they are fully aware of the policy that is in place.
  3. I WILL ENFORCE MY POLICY. No if’s and’s but’s or maybes. It’s about being strong and not letting my self feel taken advantage of. I am worthy of charging for my time.

Got thoughts on my policy? Want to share your own way of dealing with these things? Comment below!