Mini Biz Podcast 2 – The Dreaded Sick!

The dreaded sick!The Dreaded SICK!
It sucks so bad, when you’re sick. So often we just don’t know what to do! Do we power thorough and see clients? “Im super powered and I never get sick!” or do we hide away in a pillow fort? Well Kristie the host of rubbed the Wrong way recorded a podcast on this, because this week it happened to her (she got sick!!)
Here are her 3 R’s of the Dreaded sick!
3 R’s of being sick.
  1. Respect – getting sick happens. And it sucks. But respect others and don’t don’t make them sick, it’s a bit of a jerk move. You don’t want clients coming in with germs respect they don’t want your sick either. Remind your clients that you respect their bodies as much as they do by wanting to have massage and you don’t want to infect them.
  2. Rebook – I know it’s hard to find time to fit everyone in but you’ll eventually find your rhythm again, be kind to your self. From time to time you can make exceptions to your schedule and book people into times you’d not normally not see clients (like your admin time, you do have admin time right?) but you have to make them well aware it’s not a regular gig! If someone doesn’t understand that it might take some time to get them back in your schedule, then you might need to let them go.
  3. Recover – make sure to allow your self the recovery time you need, this is the bit a lot of people usually suck at. You feel guilty for not being able to see people so you try and rush your recovery. We need to learn to flip the guilt and feel good that I’m not infecting someone else with your plague. It also allows you to model the behaviour that you want your clients to exhibit, you want them to take care of them selves when they aren’t well, by taking care of your self you show them that it ok to do the same. So ditch the guilt for Netflix, a blanket fort and cup of tea.