Lunch Time Live with Kate Toon

This is a really cool show, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, I am LOVING going live into my Facebook group for Australian massage therapists, (sorry all you international listeners) I really like being able to interact with you guys and get the guests thinking on their feet to answer your burning questions.

Today’s episode is with the lovely Kate Toon – she is the Head Chef at the Recipe for SEO Success, a fellow podcast-er (you can find her shows here) author (here’s her book) speaker and all round Misfit Entrepreneur. Kate graciously did a live stream with me (even tho she was sick) and we talked about SEO, how to get Google love <3 and actionable things for your business that you can implement right now.        

Below are all the websites etc that Kate refers to in the live stream



Google My Business:

Google Search Console:

Ask the Public: Great for coming up with blog ideas:

Rev: For video transcription:


SEO friendly Blog template:…/seo-friendly-blog…/

10 Day SEO Challenge:…/10-day-seo-challenge/