Episode 1 – Rubbed the Wrong Way – Gary Laivs

Welcome to the first episode of the rubbed the wrong way podcast. RTWW - EPS2 Tile

Kristie talks with Gary Lavis, immediate past president of the AAMT and all round amazing massage therapist. We hear Gary’s story about how he went from a Diesel Mechanic working in Canada and participating in triathlons to a fully fledged massage therapist working in Rathmines NSW. We hear how Gary has used diving and massage to help over come a shoulder injury and how that very injury has help him develop training courses for Massage Therapists the world over. Gary is the founder and head trainer at Platinum Remedial massage, where he uses his vast experience in the massage field to give massage therapists practical hand-on education in to some of the most commonly faced issues in the treatment room.

We hope you enjoy this very first episode of Rubbed the Wrong Way.