Episode 26 John Sharkey

WOW! Its been a marathon trying to get this episode out. It’s an awesome 90 min conversation with John Sharkey a clinical anatomist from Dublin. Those playing laong at hime may remember john from episode 19 the conference wrap up.

There is SO MUCH gold in the episode it’s hard to know where to start with it. From everything is connected to his love for Star Trek, on how he see the universe inside all of us John is an amazing and articulate guest who never ceases to bring an amazing amount of thought and candor to is work. Some of the concepts that john talks about my initially be confronting to some but he comes from a solid background in evidence and clinical practice.

This interview challenges the current way massage therapists and bodyworkers think. John asks you the listener to take one thing away from this interview and that’s continuity. Everything is connected, in life, in the body. There are no parts only the whole. We are not chunks of meat sewn together like a Frankenstein monster. We are all biotensegrity goop held together by invisible threads, threads that are everywhere. John talks about his life’s work and his mentors and his views on the cosmos within us all and it’s a beautiful black hole of anatomy and Star Trek.

Upon a relisten there are so many gems in this interview I’m pissed off at myself for sitting on it for so long. But what I can’t do (yet) is go backwards in time.

**On a personal note**

This was a really challenging interview for me, I’d spent months chasing John and finally BAM out of nowhere an email came in, asking if I would be available to talk, like right then, at 10pm Brisbane time (middayish in Dublin) now after having chased John for so long you’d think I was ready right… WRONG! I felt under prepared and barely coherent and frankly intimidated by someone who is as deeply knowledgeable as John clearly is. I found myself gushing and having a mini fan girl moment. And it was (to date) my most challenging interview, we had all the issues, internet, phone calls, one of John patient’s turned up for a session they weren’t meant to be booked for (we’ve all been there) and John had to leave and come back to sort it out. But there was gold in there, buried under my fear of looking like a dick and the craziness of John’s office life, unfortunately though I couldn’t bring myself to listen once the episode was recorded.

Something was stopping me, I wasn’t connecting with the show like used to, the work felt distant and hard and unrewarding. I resented listening to other people’s podcasts and didn’t want anything to do with my own. I slumped. I blamed a bunch of other stuff, Christmas and travel and work but really it was all an excuse to play small and not be seen. I’d been watching others in the massage space get torn down by rhetoric and the fear set in. Better to stay small and not get raked over the coals. And the more I did that, the smaller I felt. Playing small is an ugly game, you stand for nothing and hurt no one. You’re painfully unnoticed and you’re alone. Alone is not something I do well, unnoticed is not something I can do ever so who was this small girl who was holding onto a gold mine of knowledge, keeping it all to herself while being unable to even listen to it. Not this girl that’s for sure. Not the woman I wanted to be. I want to be heard. I want to be part of a bigger game and you know what it serves no one by me not playing.

Something’s shifted. Something big. And it means I’m ready, to be out talking to people and bringing their stories to you. Like them or not, like me or not. I have a unique opportunity, and an awesome platform to be able to share the amazing massage stories and to help more people and to be something more.

So here it is. An awesome interview with John, and here is me, not playing small any more.

Be ready this one is a game changer.

My best advice is is grab a cup of something (diet coke or beer would be Johns bevvy of choice) and plough through some of the massive concepts that John talks about in this monster episode.

I wanted to make sure that we recognised Johns mentors and friends that he talks passionately about in the episode:

Dr Steven Levin 

Dr. David Simons 

Dr. Leon Chaitow

Dr. Jean-Claude GUIMBERTEAU, M.D. – Strolling under the skin 

You can find John’s keynotes and events HERE at or you can friend him on Facebook.