Episode 25 – Shaun Brewster – CE Australia and Brewsters Running

Shaun BrewsterShaun Brewster

The first thing that comes to mind before speaking with Shaun Brewster is that he’s possibly the most disciplined man I’ve ever met.  Not just because he has the commitment and mental game to run ultra marathons, invent new healing techniques, manage multiple businesses and continuously create professional development courses (not to mention being a devoted husband and father) but literally, after 25 years of martial arts, surely he’s been pushed to his limit and beaten up more times than I’ve had hot dinners.  This guy must be hard as nails, right?  So who’s this lovely, warm, smiling guy talking to me?  I had to know more.

It seems he was not long out of nappies when he first started learning manual therapies, but since his early start in martial arts the human body has fascinated Shaun Brewster.  Numerous short courses led to certificates and diplomas in massage, reflexology, oriental therapies and fitness, which in turn led to a bachelor of health science in musculoskeletal therapy, and which unsurprisingly led him to complete post-graduate qualifications in higher education and exercise science (and of course he’s still studying!).  At just 37 years of age, it’s incredible to think that Shaun has been delivering his uniquely interactive and practical style of teaching to physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, remedial therapists, myotherapists and sports therapists for over 15 years.  Having experienced pretty much every injury common to his kind, his relatability is off the charts to the endurance sport community, who he’s passionate about treating in his clinical practice as well as educating and coaching for optimal performance.

Not being a runner of any kind myself, I was fascinated by Shaun’s love affair with endurance running, and for a guy who runs slowly he talks fast, and it’ll be obvious to you too after listening to our chat that his health knowledge is as expansive as the mountains he runs across so joyfully.

In this episode we chat about: 

  • How martial arts training led to finding his passion whilst still in his teens.
  • Becoming a teacher at the ripe old age of 21 (and being the only guy for the job).
  • Shaun’s philosophy for why he’ll never stop learning: ‘Everything in life is either growing or it’s dying’.
  • How martial arts and long-distance running builds a resilient mindset (and other clichés, um, motivational phrases).
  • How a nutrition nerd and a manual therapy nerd created a niche that enhances the health and performance of the endurance sport community.
  • What it’s like running an ultra marathon and preparing for pain (insert more great motivational quotes).
  • How his training courses have evolved and light bulb moments leading to new functional healing techniques (SO want to try this!).
  • Inevitably, as an innovator, I had to ask Shaun his views on practice-based evidence versus evidence-based practice.
  • Two words: treating tendinopathy.  I want what’s in this guy’s head.
  • Joint mobilisation and how manual therapists can become well-rounded practitioners without learning another modality.
  • His passion for professional development and starting his own continuing education company with his equally clever wife.
  • Why elitism rubs Shaun the wrong way!
  • The teachers who have inspired him (get ready for another inspirational quote!).
  • Professional registration, certification and why it’s actually just about the client.


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Where you’ll find Shaun Brewster:

Continuing Education Australia http://www.ceaustralia.com

Brewsters Running http://brewstersrunning.com