Episode 23 – Ilter Dumduz – Blys App

RTWW - EPS2 TileAfter taking so much time between drinks I’m back in action with one of the co-founders of an awesome app for Massage Therapists and clients alike. Ilter is a start up entrepreneur with the spirit of an adventurer. Seeing how there was a gap in the market for on-demand massage services, Ilter helped create an app to connect clients in need of a massage with therapists who love to give massage.
In today’s interview we talk about how services like Blys are disrupting the marketplace, how they are providing therapists with great income and safety and how therapist could be improving their own private practice if only they take the time to do one simple thing….


Want to connect with Blys? Want to get on board? Go here to sign up  or connect with Ilter and Blys on facebook

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