Episode 21 – Andrew Ward from 3MA and Massagepricer.com

RTWW - EPS2 Tile (5)Welcome to the latest episode of the show, On today we have Andrew Ward, owner and creator of 3 Minuite Angels and Massagepricer.com.

Andrew is a bit of unicorn in the massage industry, someone who has been around and seen it all but he ISN’T a qualified massage therapist. His business 3 minute Angels started out in pubs and clubs over 15 years ago giving 5 min massages for whatever the recipient thought it was worth (listen in to WHY they are called 3 minute angels and NOT 5 minute) This crazy kind of out of the box thinking lead to Andrew heading up one of the biggest corporate massage companies in Australia.

Andrew is passionate about the massage industry, and the longevity of therapists within the industry. We talk about HOW to do better in business and the things that you can be doing right now to help increase your word of mouth advertising.

I made up a super cool infographic of some of the things we talked about on the show. Download it here

5 Key Elements of the value added interaction.

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