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Hi I'm Kristie - Host of Rubbed the Wrong Way

I'm just like you, I'm a massage therapist, and a business owner. I work from a studio in my house and I've been in this biz for over half my life (yep started young) I love talking to people about their experience with massage and how to build a sustainable massage practice so that you can do the thing that you love for a long time.

I started this podcast mainly so that I had a reason to talk to some of my favorite people in the Massage industry, and what I realised is that, just like me, many of my colleagues are suffering from isolation and loneliness and laundry overwhelm. So I decided to record my conversations and share them to help others.

I am all about having fun and doing great things and I truly believe that as Massage Professionals we have the best job in the world, but sometimes we get stuck and need some help to find our way to where we want to be.

At Rubbed the Wrong way, we're just like you.

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Are you Rubbing your Clients the RIGHT way?

Do you ever feel like you're stuck, all alone in your massage room? You're surrounded by piles of laundry and paperwork and you don't get a chance to connect in a meaningful way with other massage professionals because you're far too busy being busy to attend networking events? Do you have burning questions about the daily goings on of your clinic that you just don't know who to ask? Is it normal to have slow days? How do i get clients to Rebook? Is there a LIFE after massage? How do I Thrive in this business?

Rubbed the Wrong way is the show for you. Each week your host Kristie Melling chats to successful massage professionals, clinic owners, lecturers, business coaches, and generally cool people about how you can be in the business of Rubbing people the RIGHT way!